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Parental Order costs

I am transparent about my legal costs for a Parental Order and work on fixed fees in almost all surrogacy cases.

I am VAT registered – VAT Registration number:  220 4998 10

Being self-employed gives me the flexibility to be generous with costs including instalments as and when you need.  I offer a fixed fee for the entire Parental Order process and smaller fixed fees if you wish to pick and choose which part of the process you wish to instruct me for.

Instructing me is very quick and easy. I can usually offer appointments within a few days and complete urgent work as and when needed. 

In most cases I offer a fixed fee. If not, an hourly rate will be offered. Bills will be delivered on an interim basis. A charge-out rate will be given to you before the case begins depending on the complexity of your case. Charges are counted in 10 units of 6 minutes’ duration as a minimum duration.  Letters, phone calls, texts and e-mails made or received are charged at 10% of the hourly rate as a minimum no matter how short because of the obligation on me to record all communications.  If, however, they take longer than 6 minutes to deal with, they will be charged at the hourly rate, in 6-minute units.   The charge-out rates are exclusive of VAT and disbursements. Disbursements will always be agreed with you before being incurred including photocopying charges which are charged at 20p per sheet.

At the start of your case we will agree what your fees are and when you will be expected to pay. In all cases, I will require monies on account and bills are payable as they are delivered. My charges are not contingent upon the result of your case. You are primarily liable for the charges. Even if the court orders someone else to pay your costs, you will have to pay in the first instance and may then be reimbursed when funds clear from the person ordered to pay your costs.

I offer pro-bono surrogacy cases as and when I have the capacity.  This is usually surrogacy in the UK with no complications. In addition, if your case has a public interest element, I will consider acting for you pro-bono for the entire case.  For example, I have represented a lady who was the biological but not the birth mother in a lesbian relationship.  I acted pro bono for a couple when their surrogate changed her mind and retained the child.  I also acted pro bono for a gay couple whose child was taken into care before the Parental Order was granted.

Call me to give brief details about your case and I will provide you with an estimate of costs in your case.  My packages start at £500 plus vat.

Please call to discuss your surrogacy case and parental order costs on 01727 884688 or e-mail