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Co parenting is not unusual and can work quite well.  You may already know your sperm donor / co-parent or, you may find one using a known donor / co-parent match site.

Please contact me for advice. I will advise you on your legal position at the start of the process to ensure that your intentions are best met and if so desired, all of you have legal responsibility for the child.  There will only ever be two legal parents but there are ways in which the other parties can obtain Parental Responsibility for the child.   Parental responsibility in co-parenting is a way for all parties to have a say in the child’s upbringing.  This must be thought through very carefully to avoid disagreements.

I draft and review co-parenting / donor agreements. This is an opportunity for all parties involved to agree on important issues such as the relationship that each of you will have to the child, financial obligations, names, religion, discipline and schooling etc.  You will need advice on who will be deemed legal parent at birth and who can legally be named on the child’s birth certificate.  This is based on factors prior to embryo transfer therefore, timely advice is essential.

It is important for you to get legal advice on co parenting before starting any process.  Please call us to discuss your options on 01727 884688 or e-mail