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Finding a surrogate

There are several charitable organisations in the UK that can help you with finding a surrogate.  They can match surrogates and IPs.  You may also find a surrogate yourself.  It is illegal in the UK to advertise for a surrogate or intended parents.

Please contact me for legal advice before you start the process so that you can be sure that you are operating within the law when finding a surrogate.  You will also want to be satisfied that you can actually become the legal parent once the child is born.  It may also be useful for you to know what can go wrong in such arrangements so that you are prepared.

Whichever method you use to find your surrogate, you are responsible for making sure that she fully understands.  Independent legal advice and counselling is strongly advised.  A UK lawyer must not be involved in the specifics of your surrogacy agreement / arrangement.  A surrogacy solicitor can provide general advice on the legal position of a surrogate and intended parent.

If a surrogacy arrangement goes wrong, you risk losing your child to someone that you had no intention of having a relationship with.  Ultimately, the worst case scenario is a breakdown of the arrangement with dire emotional, psychological and financial consequences for the child’s life.

Surrogacy contracts are not legally binding and therefore simply signing an agreement is not sufficient.  I have seen many things go wrong in surrogacy arrangements.  You need to ensure that you are all absolutely clear about what your intentions are from insemination, payments, birth plan, birth registration and legal responsibility.

I am aware of a large and growing underground surrogacy world in the UK where money may be exchanging hands for gametes and a surrogacy arrangement.  Whilst I accept that this is largely due to the lack of legal framework and failure of the UK legal system to protect IP’s and surrogates, I advise that you exercise extreme caution in taking part in such arrangements.

Please call surrogacy lawyers for advice.  ‘Finding a surrogate in the UK?’  call 01727 884 688 or e-mail directly on

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I provide legal advice on surrogacy based on the law in England and Wales.

I have acted for clients working with many agencies across the world.  I will not recommend any surrogacy provider, destination, agency or clinic.   If my advice concludes that you can become legal parents following the arrangement you are considering, it should not be taken as advice to proceed.  If I have acted for couples who have entered into similar arrangements, you should not take that as advice to proceed.   You must always do your own due diligence on any agency / destination.  A successful arrangement for someone else won’t always mean a successful arrangement for you.  I will not take part in any negotiations for your surrogacy arrangement nor, will I review your surrogacy contract.