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Our fertility lawyers have particular expertise in dealing with surrogacy in several surrogacy destinations. We have acted for British couples who have used several clinics across the globe. Our fertility lawyers have excellent communications with foreign lawyers.  We ensure that your surrogacy journey is seamless. We will provide you with a fixed fee unrivalled service providing advice before you start your journey to securing your legal status as parents when you return to England.

Regardless of the surrogacy law abroad, the surrogate is always the legal mother. Whether one of you is the legal father will depend on whether the surrogate is married. It is essential that you get advice before you start the process and preferably before you select the surrogate. We will advise you on whether you can become legal parents to the child(ren) and if so, how to return to England with the child. We will then offer you a fixed fee service to obtain a Parental Order.

A Parental Order extinguishes any legal rights that the surrogate and her husband have for the child and makes you the legal parents. If you do not secure a Parental Order by the time the child is 6 months old, you will need to consider alternatives such as adoption. This is a strict deadline that cannot be extended. We will work with you, the clinic and lawyers in India to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is in place for the Parental Order process.

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