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Passports after surrogacy

If you are going through surrogacy abroad, you will need to consider the process of returning to the UK with your child.  You need advice on getting passports after surrogacy.

If the child can be given local nationality such as in the US and Canada,  the child will be issued with a local passport.  This is the quickest way to return to the UK.  Upon your return you may then register the child as a British citizen and apply for a British passport.

In some destinations the child cannot be given local nationality and therefore you will need to deal with British citizenship and the British passport application whilst abroad.  You must factor the time and cost of this into your decision.

There is no specialist team at the HMPO dealing with Surrogacy applications and there is almost always a delay.  It would not be unusual for you to be waiting around 12 weeks for a British Passport.

Contact me for advice about this process.  I have experience with many destinations and can therefore give you some realistic and practical advice about the best way to proceed.

Please call surrogacy lawyers for advice on passports after surrogacy on 01727 884 688 or e-mail Harjit directly on

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I provide legal advice on surrogacy based on the law in England and Wales.

I have acted for clients working with many agencies across the world.  I will not recommend any surrogacy provider, destination, agency or clinic.   If my advice concludes that you can become legal parents following the arrangement you are considering, it should not be taken as advice to proceed.  If I have acted for couples who have entered into similar arrangements, you should not take that as advice to proceed.   You must always do your own due diligence on any agency / destination.  A successful arrangement for someone else won’t always mean a successful arrangement for you.  I will not take part in any negotiations for your surrogacy arrangement nor, will I review your surrogacy contract.