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Passports after surrogacy

If you are going through surrogacy abroad, you will need to consider the process of returning to the UK with your child.  You need advice on getting passports after surrogacy.

If the child can be given local nationality such as in the US, Colombia and Canada,  the child will be issued with a local passport.  This is the quickest way to return to the UK.  Upon your return you may then register the child as a British citizen and apply for a British passport.

In some destinations the child cannot be given local nationality and therefore you will need to deal with British citizenship and the British passport application whilst abroad.  You must factor the time and cost of this into your decision.

There is no specialist team at the HMPO dealing with Surrogacy applications and there is almost always a delay.  It would not be unusual for you to be waiting around 12-17 weeks for a British Passport.

Guide on how to apply for a UK passport for a child born through surrogacy overseas

Tip – if you have an iPhone you can use it to create excellent quality pdfs of any document required by the HMPO for free. Click here for the a video on how to do this.  

Passport process – Emergency Travel Documents 

Emergency travel documents can be issued if there is a genuine emergency for example, your baby’s health or a war situation.  You will need to make your child’s full passport application before applying for an emergency travel document because the HMPO need the supporting documents to consider your case. Make the application first and get your reference number.  The online access to the application can be found here or here.  

Make an appointment with your local VFS Global for help submitting the supporting documents. You can find your local office on the website link above.  The documents that you will need are listed here.  

When you have submitted all of your documents, apply to the British Embassy to consider your application for an Emergency Travel Document.

It is always helpful to get a supporting letter from your MP.  Get your MP on board early.  Your MP will be able to chase the HMPO for you if there is a delay.

You will need a referee from England so have one ready. You will email a picture of your baby to the referee who will then have a video call with you to see the baby allowing them to print and sign the back of the picture and confirm the identity.

Process for citizenship  

In certain circumstances, you will need to apply for British citizenship for your child before making an application for a British passport.  You apply for citizenship on an MN1 form.  

Please feel free to call me for a discussion. If I cannot help you, I recommend Wesley Gryk immigration solicitors in London who specialise in surrogacy cases. 

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