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Returning to the UK

A key factor for you to consider before deciding on a surrogacy destination is the length of time it will take returning to the UK with your child.  I can give you information in respect of most destinations.  The HMPO need to do checks in these cases to prevent any cases of child trafficking.  It would not be unusual for you to be waiting 12 weeks for a British passport after surrogacy and sometimes less and sometimes longer.

In some countries such as the US, the process is fairly swift because your child is recognised as a US citizen and issued with a US passport.  You would then apply for a visa and return to the UK when you would apply for  British citizenship and a British passport before your visa expires.  The same applies following surrogacy in Canada.

In most other countries, the child does not get local nationality at birth (unless the child can get local citizenship from one of you) and therefore, you need to follow the citizenship and British passport route which sadly comes with delays.  I will help you prepare so that you are ready to proceed as soon as the child is born.

It is a sad reality that child trafficking takes place.  Whilst the majority of cases are genuine, there are some cases that are not.  For that reason the authorities must make many checks in England with your referees and in the destination chosen with your surrogate and the clinic before issuing a British passport.

Contact me for advice on how to speed up the process and get a swifter return to the UK.

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