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A surrogacy agreement is not enforceable in the UK.

We do not and cannot advise on the terms of a surrogacy agreement in the UK or abroad.  No lawyer in the UK is permitted to do this.  A surrogacy agreement may be very helpful in that it states clearly what your intentions are however please be advised that neither of you can be held to any of the terms.

We are aware of a large and growing underground surrogacy world in the UK where money may be exchanging hands for gametes and a surrogacy arrangement.  Whilst we accept that this is largely due to the lack of legal framework and failure of the UK legal system to protect IP’s and surrogates, we advise that you exercise extreme caution in taking part in such arrangements.  You may be breaking the law.

There are several cases that we have acted on where these types of arrangements have resulted in disagreements and unsatisfactory results for all parties involved.  Often they result in a very sad result for the child born as a result of the arrangement.

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