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I am transparent about my charges and work on fixed fees in most surrogacy cases.

I try to offer one pro-bono surrogacy case per month.  This is usually surrogacy in the UK with no complications. In addition, if your case has a public interest element, I will consider acting for you pro-bono and I have done this for several clients to date.

For example, I have represented a lady who was the biological but not the birth mother in a lesbian relationship.  I acted pro bono for a couple when their surrogate changed her mind and retained the child.  I also acted pro bono for a gay couple whose child was taken into care before the Parental Order was granted.

Call me to give brief details about your case and I will provide you with an estimate of costs in your case.

Please call to discuss your surrogacy case and surrogacy costs on 01727 884688 or e-mail