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Surrogacy Hearings

Your application will be issued at your local Family Centre.  If your surrogacy arrangement was outside of the UK, the surrogacy Hearings will be in the High Court.

We will apply for the first Hearing as soon as possible.  If you are abroad, this can be adjourned until you return to the UK or we can arrange a telephone Hearing.  Telephone Hearings are not easy to organise and depend very much on the connectivity available where you are.

At the first Hearing your evidence will be reviewed and the Judge will decide what further evidence is required.  A further date will be set in order for you to present the further evidence.  When all of the evidence is complete a Final Hearing date will be set and a Parental Order should be made.

You must attend all surrogacy Hearings unless the court has given permission for you not to attend.  You should also take the child with you.  At the Final Hearing you will have an opportunity to take photos with the Judge if you wish.

Please call our surrogacy lawyers for advice on surrogacy Hearings on 01727 884 688 / 07980 917882 or e-mail Harjit directly on

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