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Mr and Mrs O – Surrogacy in Nigeria

Dear Harjit

We are writing this letter to express our heartfelt gratitude and to provide a testimonial for the exceptional services you provided during our surrogacy journey.

From our very first meeting, you demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities and sensitivities involved in surrogacy law. Your expertise, professionalism, and compassionate approach made us feel confident and supported throughout the entire process.

Your ability to clearly explain each step, anticipate potential challenges, and navigate the legal intricacies was invaluable. You always made yourself available to answer our questions and address our concerns, ensuring that we were well-informed and comfortable with every decision we made.

Your meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparation of all legal documents gave us peace of mind, knowing that our interests were protected and that we were complying with all necessary legal requirements. Your dedication to our case was evident in the personalized care and attention you provided, treating us not just as clients but as individuals with unique needs and hopes.

Thanks to your guidance and support, we successfully completed our surrogacy journey and welcomed our precious child into our family. We are forever grateful for your help in making our dream come true.

We highly recommend your services to anyone seeking legal assistance in surrogacy matters. Your expertise, compassion, and dedication make you an outstanding solicitor and a trusted partner in such a significant and emotional process.

Thank you once again for everything you have done for us.

Yours Sincerely
S and B

Mr and Mr T – Surrogacy in Colombia

Harjit has helped me and my partner create a family with not one but two kids born through surrogacy in Colombia. It has been a wonderful journey spanning several years and she helped us through each stage, patiently explaining the legal elements and situations as they arose. I cannot recommend her more highly to any future intended parents thinking of starting a family via surrogacy. Thank you Harjit!

Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Greece

We are glad that we chose Harjit to advise and support us from the start of the surrogacy process through to the successful completion of our parental order. From our initial consultation we felt confident that she had the expertise to advise us. She is professional, responsive and attentive and we would highly recommend her.

Mr A and Mr R – Surrogacy in Argentina

Harjit of Surrogacy Lawyers facilitated all the Uk legal frame work for our two surrogacy journeys. We first met Harjit 4 years ago on our first surrogacy journey. When it came to our second surrogacy journey last year, it was a no brainer we would ask Harjit to assist us again through the process.

With years of experience within the international surrogacy world, Harjit is the only person to trust with your entire surrogacy journey. Safe, professional, 24/7 availability and unfathomable knowledge you can rely on Harjit to get you and your family through the entire process.

Mr and Mrs R – Surrogacy in Nigeria

We are elated at the successful completion of our Parental order hearing! We cannot thank Harjit enough, who graciously helped us through this process. We considered a couple of lawyers but decided to go with Harjit and from the very first contact with her, she made us feel confident and relaxed, of what before we met her was looking like a daunting process. She combined professionalism with friendliness, clarity of every step, clear fee and cost structure that leaves no surprises. She is a very experienced and an amazing Lawyer in this area of Surrogacy. We recommend her highly.
Mr P and Mrs M – Surrogacy in Georgia

Harjit is wonderful. She has extensive knowledge of just about whatever twist of turn your surrogacy journey takes and i have every faith in her abilities to get your parental order done with the least problems. For us the thought was why Risk any mistakes doing this ourselves when it comes to the parental order and hence we chose Harjit. She is always there to help in any way she can so don’t hesitate choosing Harjit. Harjit many thanks for all your help you are wonderful and we feel we have gained a family friend in this journey with you.

Mr and Mr J – Surrogacy in Colombia

We cannot thank Harjit enough for her advice and guidance during our surrogacy process in Colombia. While the process was daunting, Harjit was with us every step of the way ensuring it ran smoothly from start to finish. She is impressively knowledgeable and extremely responsive. There was never a question she could not answer or an issue she could not resolve. We would highly recommend her.”

Mr and Mr T – Surrogacy in US

Hi Harjit – just to let you know that the hearing today went well. The Judge and his team were very nice and the parental order was granted.Thank you for all your help.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Georgia

‘Harjit made what could be an overwhelming parental order process very straightforward. She gave me clear Instructions for what she needed and when. All of our documentation was in perfect order and our court hearing was incredibly smooth and easy’

Mr and Mr Z – Surrogacy in Colombia

I really appreciate the help from Harjit throughout our surrogacy journey. She is so knowledgeable and organised and provide the highest standard client services. Transparent fees also makes it easy to budget and no surprises at the end of the journey. We would like to say thank you!

Mr and Mr S – Surrogacy in Cyprus

It has been a pleasure working with Harjit right from pre birth, birth and all the way through to securing our parental order. Harjit guided us at every step of the way ensuring we had gathered all the necessary paperwork and documentation as part of the surrogacy process. Harjit is highly professional, supportive, responsive and efficient and we would not hesitate to recommend Harjit to anyone! Thank you for guiding us through our surrogacy journey and for assisting us in successfully obtaining our parental order.

Mr and Mr C – Surrogacy in Cyprus

From the very first meeting, Harjit made us feel comfortable and confident with the entire Parental Order process. All of our questions were answered and she brought clarity to what can be a complex and unknown area for many. We had a few unforeseen situations arise during our journey and Harjit was accommodating, flexible and adjusted to our needs which helped lower the stress. Always approachable, kind and courteous – we’d recommend Harjit to any intended parents going through the Parental Order process. Thank you for leading us through the legal chapter in our surrogacy journey.

Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Georgia

Harjit offered fantastic support from before birth to securing the Parental Order. We had a very difficult time securing a UK passport for our son, so having Harjit handle the PO was invaluable as we could concentrate on the passport. Harjit was very responsive and helpful at each step, chasing CAFCASS and liaising with the court when we missed our original hearing date.

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in Cyprus

Harjit was our UK surrogacy lawyer in 2023. We are very happy with all legal advice and support she provided us with. Her service was always highly professional and supportive. From the start, it was clear that she was a very experienced surrogacy lawyer we can trust. We also appreciate the fact that she was  approachable, well organised and punctual. We would highly recommend Harjit to anyone!

Miss P – Surrogacy in Nigeria

“I highly recommend Harjit for her prompt and efficient service and I am extremely satisfied with her legal representation. She navigated the complex process with expertise, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. I am grateful for her professionalism and dedication throughout my surrogacy journey. I got my Parental order in good time, much earlier than the timeline suggested by other lawyers i consulted”.

Mr T – Surrogacy in Colombia

Your expertise and assistance was invaluable and I am very grateful.

Mr and Mrs S – Surrogacy in Georgia

‘We are so grateful to Harjit for her hard work and dedication. Our son was born abroad and bringing him home and then getting a Parental Order was a truly daunting prospect. Harjit’s guidance and experience was invaluable in making a difficult process far easier to manage. Well before our son was born, Harjit provided us with clear, concise and easy to understand advice which helped to explain a complicated legal process and set out a clear roadmap towards a Parental Order. Further, her instructions and oversight ensured that our paperwork was properly organised in good time and presented in such a way as to assist the court. Not only was this organisation important for the Parental Order application, but it also proved vital for the passport application we made shortly after our son’s birth in order to bring him home. I would not hesitate to recommend Harjit. Thanks for everything!’

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Nigeria

As we sit down to write this, I find it challenging to put into words the depth of our gratitude for the guidance and support you’ve provided our family throughout the parental order process after surrogacy.

From our very first meeting, your expertise, patience, and genuine care shone through. The journey of surrogacy, as you know, is filled with a myriad of emotions, from hope and excitement to anxiety and uncertainty. Your presence was a beacon of reassurance, ensuring that every legal aspect was handled with precision and utmost care.

Your dedication went beyond just the legalities. You took the time to understand our family, our hopes, and our fears. You celebrated our joys and offered a comforting hand during our moments of doubt. In every interaction, we felt seen, heard, and valued.

The parental order process, with its intricacies and nuances, could have been overwhelming. But with you guiding us, we felt confident and secure every step of the way. Today, as we hold our precious child in our arms, or watch him destroy our living room, we are reminded of the pivotal role you played in making our dream a reality.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Harjit.  We are forever grateful for your guidance and for being a part of this beautiful chapter in our family’s story.

Mr and Mrs O – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Harjit has given us invaluable advice when helping us through parental order process. She gave us thorough guidelines about documentation and all the steps required to get parental order for our daughter. It would have been very hard to navigate it on our own. We cannot thank her enough for her services and will highly recommend her to anyone seeking to get legal parental rights.

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Millions of thanks for your highly professional and accurate service to us.
It’s really amazing to work with a solicitor like you, simply it’s a very good and peaceful experience though our PO journey.
We trusted you 100% from day one 😊
We look forward to meet you in future. You will be in  our only one recommendation for sure. GOD Bless you.

Mr and Mrs C – Surrogacy in the US

We simply cannot thank Harjit enough for her great professional support along the long journey. She is always available when we need help and always provide accurate and useful information! We are so grateful to have her as our solicitor, definitely one of the best!
Thank you again Harjit!

Mr A – Surrogacy in the US

Harjit, you are an amazing professional and excellent friend (always be). I remember everything you were there for me from the very beginning – even before I chose my clinic.  I really appreciate every extra mile that you did to make my dream come true. God bless you and your family. You are always in my prayers. We will be in touch and see you soon in London.

Mr and Mrs F – Surrogacy in Georgia

“Harjit represented us really well in our journey to get the Parental Order for our son born via a surrogate mother in Georgia in Jan 2023. We achieved the Parental Order 7 months after the birth and at first asking, only a month after we left Georgia. The process was very smooth and Harjit briefed us at all stages and when it came to the Court Hearing it was over very promptly as all the paperwork was in order. We would use Harjit again”

Mr and Mr G – Surrogacy in Canada

We engaged Harjit to help us obtain a parental order for our daughter who was born via surrogate in Canada. We spoke with a number of lawyers specialised in the area and chose to go with Harjit as she made us feel comfortable from the beginning explaining the process and fees with complete clarity. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Harjit. She was always professional, efficient, clear and timely with all required tasks. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mrs and Mr G – Surrogacy in Georgia

We are confident in sharing our experience with Harjit from “Surrogacy Lawyers”, as she played a vital role in securing our parental order. Harjit’s exceptional guidance and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the finalisation of the order. She was always available to answer any questions and provided invaluable support every step of the way. Her unwavering commitment to excellence was evident in every interaction, leaving us fully supported and cared for. Thanks to Harjit’s expertise and dedication, we successfully obtained the parental order and are forever grateful. We wholeheartedly recommend Harjit’s organisation, “Surrogacy Lawyers”, to anyone needing similar services. Her dedication to providing top-notch support and assistance sets her apart.

Mr K and Miss D Surrogacy in Georgia

First of all we want to say a massive THANKS to Harjit who’s been phenomenal throughout our surrogacy journey regarding all the paperwork for Parental Order. Harjit was recommended to us by a friend who completed her journey in Georgia and used Harjit’s services.
Harjit was very approachable and just a message away whenever we needed her to guide us through our journey. All the way until the court hearing day when PO was granted. Her regular promptness kept us organised and on top of our paperwork. She explained step by step at every stage of the process.
We would definitely recommend her services to anybody who is interested to undertake surrogacy journey, specially abroad. THANK YOU again Harjit.
Mr and Mr X – Surrogacy in Colombia
Amazing Harjit, Thank you.
Mr and Mr P – Surrogacy in Cyprus
Thank you so much for everything, we are truly grateful.
Mr and Mrs N – Surrogacy in Georgia
Congratulations to you as well another successful journey. Having you every step of the way has been so reassuring and we are ever soo grateful that it was you that helped us in this journey your support , kindness and sheer passion for all you do- Our bright shining star – your hard work , efforts have carried us through and we are soo grateful that finally in all the years of trying to become parents we have been blessed with our beautiful xxxxx she really is just everything and so much more.
Today was just a wonderful experience we had an absolutely wonderful day and now a completion to this incredible journey to get to this point I can only just keep saying thank you thank you thank you.We always recommend you to all that reach out to us and you are the A class celebrity of the surrogacy world. Today is also a celebration of the many couples out there that that you have supported and successfully carried through May waheguru ji continue to bless you with your hard work and making positive changes for surrogacy you truly are amazing.
Thank you
Mr and Mrs S – Surrogacy in Ukraine
After exploring the options over the internet, We had initial consultations with a couple of surrogacy lawyers and decided to proceed with Harjit as we have been explained clearly in our first call about the process and to expect. All our communications were through email,She reviewed our documents and advised us what is needed. In some instances when the agency was involved she directly advised our agency what is needed which helped us avoid communication gaps and sorting the documents sooner. We have an emergency unplanned travel which we thought may delay our application process, She helped us in sorting it with the cafcass and arranging the appointment accordingly so that it did not affect our hearing schedules.
We are so glad we chose Harjit as our solicitor to get our parental order, We have no hesitation and will very happily recommend her to anyone.
Mr and Mrs C – Surrogacy in Colombia
Firstly, thank you Harjit! This is a journey that, at its conclusion, is incredibly rewarding but you are never far away from some stressful situations to deal with. The legal process was very much an unknown for us and we could not have made a better choice than to partner with Harjit for this part of the adventure. She was very clear and made our part very easy. Communication was excellent and we finally arrived in court with no concerns over the process thanks to Harjit’s diligence. We left with our Parental Order and we are one very happy family.
Mr and Mrs K – Surrogacy in Georgia
Harjit has been super helpful with our surrogacy journey. She provides a very clear and detailed breakdown of the process as you begin your journey, so you know what to expect and to do and when. She remains in regular contact, explains each step as you approach it and also ensures you stay prepared, giving you the time to focus on preparation for your baby. She provides support and is always available to answer all your question promptly from planning surrogacy to post birth. We could not have done this without her and would highly recommend her services. Thanks Harjit!
Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in Georgia
We came across Harjit after searching online for a solicitor to help us on our surrogacy journey, with our parental order. From our initial consultation we both knew that Harjit was knowledgable and experienced in the world of surrogacy and that she was the person to help us. She was easy to talk to and encouraged us to do our research before signing up with an agency. Throughout the process, whenever we had any questions, we would email Harjit and she would reply promptly with the answers. This meant there was never any delay on either side in getting things done.  
Harjit guided us thoroughly on what documents we needed in order to submit our parental order. She would prompt us in good time if any documents were missing or had not been filed correctly and this meant that the paperwork side of the parental order was not stressful. We found that Harjit had great links to the court and CAFCASS officers which meant that she was able to chase them on our behalf if needed. This helped us in getting our hearing date and parental order granted within 6 months of our baby boy’s birth. 
We would whole heartedly recommend Harjit to any couples looking to undertake a surrogacy journey, particularly abroad where there can be extra complications.
Mr and Mrs S – Surrogacy in Georgia
We are so glad we instructed Harjit at the start of our surrogacy journey, and have lost count of the number of times we came to rely on her advice before and after our daughter was born. Using an international surrogate means you must have a case heard in the High Court and Harjit’s expertise and competence meant that this potentially intimidating process was easier than you could hope for. Surrogacy, especially internationally, is a complex project with many pitfalls and having Harjit on our side made such a difference.
AV – Surrogacy in India
Harjit, a specialist surrogacy lawyer, has been instrumental in our case of our child born through surrogacy outside the UK, joining us in the UK and completing our family. Her attention to detail and understanding of the matter was very thorough and Harjit guided us through the whole process so that it went as smoothly as possible. We cannot thank her enough and would like to recommend her to anyone who is seeking to complete their family and considering International Surrogacy to do so.
U & T – Surrogate In Nigeria 
We’re so joyful and grateful for the smooth conclusion of our parental order today.
Harjit (surrogate lawyers) support, care and most importantly quick response, no matter the time of  the  day, shows her commitment and empathy. She’s very knowledgeable and made what seems impossible, possible.
To show how confident we were with our parental order decision, before it was granted today… we have already started another surrogate journey, and who better to handle it again, if not the tried and tested numero Uno.
We recommend her 110%
Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Nigeria
Harjit is a consummate professional who took time to listen to our situation and assess our needs, demonstrating empathy and professionalism.
As soon as Harjit started work on our case, she was meticulous, especially ascertaining technical details pertaining to our case. She communicated with us regularly until our case was successfully completed.
Harjit remained patient and calm throughout the stressful issues of our case and because of this and the reasons mentioned above, we recommend her wholeheartedly.
Mr and Mrs F – Surrogacy in Ukraine 
Dear Harjit,
Thank you so much – we couldn’t have done it without you! I’m not quite sure that the result has fully sunk in!

C & E – Surrogacy in Nigeria

Wow what can I say, thank you so much Harjit for all your help and support throughout this journey of making sure all the paper work was ready even when I didn’t know what to do. You always took out time to explain things according to my level of understanding. Thank you as well for supporting my immigration lawyer with the nationality  application. I was so frustrated because of my daughter’s passport that had delayed but you supported me and advised me on how to apply for emergency travel documents which turned out to be successful. I was able to travel back home with my daughter to the UK to be reunited with her father Thank you so much Harjit.

A & S – Surrogacy in Georgia

We would like to say how wonderful it has been to have you helping us with our journey with X and guiding us through every step of it.  It hasn’t been easy at times but we can only imagine what it would have been like without your kind help and professionalism, so all three of us thank you from the bottom or our hearts and wish you a very wonderful festive break and a happy new year.

Fi & Mike – Surrogacy in Greece

We were  introduced to Harjit and Surrogacy lawyers via an associate that had previously completed their own surrogacy journey. 

Our  initial consultation was excellent and faultless. Throughout the process Harjit was pleasant to deal with and provided a much-needed calm approach and was very clear at all times. Work was always done quickly and to a high standard. Fees were explained clearly and they kept us updated on total ongoing fees paid and further fee expectations. We would definitely recommend Surrogacy lawyers for anything surrogacy law related.
We would definitely use the firm again and would recommend them to loved ones, friends and everyone in future. Thank you Harjit and Surrogacy Lawyers!!!!!
Initial Impression – 5/5
Knowledge – 5/5
Approachability – 5/5
Value for money – 5/5
Services – 5/5
Professionalism – 5/5
Were you satisfied with the outcome of your matter? Yes
Would you recommend this firm to somebody else? Yes

Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Greece

We are grateful to have had Harjit support us on legal matters with our overseas surrogacy programme. She provided input at the appropriate times to bring matters to a successfully conclusion with the final granting of the paternal order. Her expertise was invaluable.

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Harjit was recommended by more than one family who have completed the parental order successfully. 

From our initial consultation with Harjit, I felt very reassured. Harjit was very easy to talk to, she guided us throughout the parental order  process. Harjit ensured we were compliant and all the correct information were present to support the application. She liaised with the relevant legal team in Ukraine and was mindful that our surrogate mother is aware of all the proceedings. Harjit proactively followed up with the CAFCASS agents for updates. The CAFCASS officer complimented us on the thoroughness of our application as Harjit had prepared everything in advance for them to review.

Harjit provided detailed overview of what to expect from our hearing. Her experience with parental order alleviated a lot of stress and it was incredibly reassuring to have expert support through the application. Harjit was always available to answer any questions I had, I had many one to one conversation from April to November. I feel that our application would not have completed in such short time if it was not for Harjit’s support.


Mr and Mr G – Surrogacy in Colombia

Harjit (Surrogacy Lawyers) was a great help during our journey to parenthood. She is knowledgeable about the laws and process and able to guide us effortlessly through what is a complicated task. Along the way she helped to advise on and resolve issues with our surrogacy agency and lawyers abroad to ensure our Parental Order application would be granted without issue. On the day the High Court judge congratulated us (and Harjit!) on the quality and organisation of the documentation and was able to grant the Parental Order with very few questions. We have no hesitation in recommending Harjit and would advice contacting her as early in the process as possible to gain from her experience.  Thanks again.
S & J

Mr and Mr Z – Surrogacy in Ukraine 

“We began our journey in around December 2019 by looking into surrogacy agencies for gay couples. Ukraine was a popular destination, but officially they call it “single parent surrogacy” the word GAY is not quite pleasant in that part of the world. We didn’t seek legal advice before signing the contract or meeting with the clinic (this was a big mistake). If we seek advice prior to our journey, it will be much easier and we will know what to demand or expect from the various agencies which will help us to choose the right one and the danger for us in Ukraine. This is probably the most important decision throughout the whole surrogacy process. When our surrogate was 12 weeks pregnant we did a google search for surrogacy lawyers and I came across Harjit and Surrogacy Lawyers. We like the fixed price, giving us the freedom to ask as many questions as we had without worrying about how much it will cost. Harjit called us and we had a quick chat and advice followed. We realised that we didn’t know what we were doing and at that stage, we needed help and advice from a lawyer. The information on the internet is there, but it’s rather irrelevant, dated or not applicable to our case. From the time we started working with Harjit, she was guiding us through till the birth and to securing parental order. Yesterday the 12th of October was our first hearing and the order was made. The Judge was very pleased with the supplied bundle of documents by Harjit. There are no words to explain how grateful we are for Harjit at Surrogacy Lawyers.”

Mr and Mrs H – Surrogacy in Uganda

I cannot truly put to words how grateful our family is towards Harjit’s consistent support, understanding and care towards our surrogate journey on both the immigration case and parental court order.

Harjit has been there for us every time we needed her. She would reply to our calls/ emails asap as well as ensure that the matter is dealt with plus giving us feedback. As you all know that bringing a surrogate baby from Africa to UK involves so much paperwork, time plus patience. For our case we were stuck in Africa with the immigration issues for our baby but harjit took on the extra role out of her kindness by helping us with the immigration case of chasing the baby naturalisation and British passport. I particularly like that because other solicitors would have charged us extra money for helping with the immigration case. We will be forever grateful to harjit.

I am so glad we choose harjit as our solicitor and very happily recommend her to anyone thinking of surrogacy baby. You are the best harjit and keep up that great work.


Mr and Mrs S – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Also, could we take this time to thank you from the very bottom of our heart. You already know how tough and complicated it was for us to rescue our son during the war time and get all the relevant documents for our son in order for us to return back home. However, you went up and beyond to help us get all the documents at this stressful situation immediately from the home office. Seriously, you were and are a god sent for us. Therefore, nothing would have been possible without your constant guidance and support.  You will be forever in our prayers and heart. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Harjit.Stay blessed and have a good day.

Mr G – Surrogacy in Cyprus

Harjit (Surrogacy Lawyers) was clear and concise with her advice and very knowledgeable about the surrogacy laws both abroad and here in the UK. Even when I encountered a number of issues whilst abroad, I was able to contact her via email and phone. She was able to advise me on every step throughout my journey – from obtaining my son’s birth certificate, dealing with the UK passport office and British Embassy abroad as well as applying for and obtaining a Parental Order. Since all paperwork requested had been provided to the court by Harjit, the High Court judge had no additional questions or issues for me to clarify. I was granted a Parental Order within minutes. I have no hesitation in recommending Harjit to anyone getting involved or already involved in surrogacy. Thank you!

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Huge thanks to Harjit. I would highly recommend Harjit to the family looking for support in their surrogacy journey. I am so glad I found Harjit at the early stage of our journey. Her suggestion and experience made our case much easier than I expected. Our order was approved in 10 minutes.
She is very contactable and very kind to answer all my questions, and all the answers she gave us were very thoughtful. All the documents she prepared were very organised and strong. We met some initial difficulties oversea, especially during the pandemic. I couldn’t imagine how we could overcome them without Harjit’s help! Much appreciate Harjit’s help and patience. We will get back to her again when we want our second baby.

Mr and Mrs D – Surrogacy in Greece

Having Harjit – Surrogacy Lawyers to navigate us through has been invaluable.  The process was clearly mapped out to us from the outset and we were provided strong guidance and support throughout. The surrogacy process is complex in many ways, which can be stressful, having Harjit in our corner made us feel more relaxed . Would highly recommend.

Mr and Mrs H – Surrogacy in Greece

I am so thankful for what you did and I will always remember that.

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Harjit has been great and always available through our journey both before and after our childs birth. She always answered our questions and queries and was very thorough in her work and organisation. I would highly recommend Harjit to anyone going through the process of surrogacy aboard. Thank you Harjit for everything!

Mr and Mr D – Surrogacy in the US

Thanks Harjit very much for your help.
It was very straightforward and the Judge agreed with cafcass’ conclusions in her report and wholeheartedly agreed that a parental order should be made.
Thank you very much again for all your help and for making the process so straightforward.

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Nigeria

Harjit, Many thanks for all your support, really appreciate you.

Mr and Mrs J – Surrogacy in Cyprus 

We cannot fault Harjit and we cannot recommend Harjit strongly enough. We used Harjit throughout our surrogacy journey and right from the start it was apparent she was an expert in the field and a wealth of invaluable information. Harjit guided us through every step of the process from our initial discussion right through to a successful parental order for our daughter. Harjit was incredibly responsive and always ready with compassionate, calm and level headed advice right when we needed it most, whatever the time of day and night. Our surrogacy journey was complex as it took place in a foreign country during the Covid pandemic, however Harjit successfully resolved every issue with her reassuring, expert advice.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harjit to anyone considering surrogacy and indeed would advise intended parents to choose Harjit to guide them. Given Harjit`s dedication, compassion and wealth of experience in this challenging and complex area, we could not imagine a better lawyer to advise intended parents. We can never thank Harjit enough for getting us to the positive result we have always wanted.

Mr and Mrs L – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Thank you Harjit.  The Judge had no questions and we got the Order in 5 minutes.  She was happy with all the papers you did for us.

Mr and Mr K – Surrogacy in Ukraine

We have completed our journey through surrogacy. We have been granted the parental order. We would like to thank you for all your support you have given us.

Mr and Mrs H – Surrogacy in Ukraine

It was quite emotional for us to finally have it granted, thank you for all your hard work and great advice. The Judge invited us in to see her at some point which would be nice!

Mr and Mr C – Surrogacy in Colombia

Thank you so much for all your help. We could not have navigated the legal system here without it.

Miss J – Surrogacy in Zimbabwe

I met Harjit in 2019 and I had my daughter in 2021.  I knew I wanted to have a baby but I did not believe I was going to survive the process which at the time felt daunting and almost difficult to achieve. Having Harjit on my side made me feel supported. Harjit provided advice and she was very honest. Harjit used her expert knowledge to guide me through the whole process.  She provided advice on what to consider when searching for a surrogate mother abroad.    She supported me through the entire parental order process. She made sure that all necessary documents including the statement was ready to be presented to the High court. I had the Hearing and the Parental Order was issued without any issues.  Throughout the process Harjit kept me up to dated about the whole process. I am grateful for the support she provided and I highly recommend Harjit services to anyone considering the surrogate process.

Mr and Mrs J – Surrogacy in Greece

Harjit helped us as our UK surrogacy lawyer, with our very successful overseas surrogacy (and UK Parental Order), up to 2020.

She is understanding, thorough, diligent, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, at every stage of the process. She is an expert in the field and showed excellent judgment – we always had 100% confidence in her, her work and opinion. She made the process stress free and as easy as possible for us. We recommend Harjit very highly.

Mr and Mrs K – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Thank you so much for helping our family. We truly appreciate it.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Our Parental Order has been approved 😁. A big thank you from us all.

Mrs G – Surrogacy in Georgia

Harjit is very responsive and answered any questions I had and reassured me throughout my journey.
I highly recommend Harjit to anyone that is looking for someone that’s hugely knowledgeable, supportive and that holds your hand so to speak throughout this rather daunting but happy journey. Thank you Harjit for everything.

Mr and Mrs M – Surrogacy in Georgia

We can only be incredibly thankful that we were recommended to use Harjit’s services by our surrogacy agency . Harjit has navigated us through some of the hardest and toughest times we have encountered during our surrogacy path. As well as the surrogacy challenges and the vast amounts of paperwork that’s required we were also thrown into the middle of a pandemic in a foreign country . Harjit has been a constant source of important and valuable information and we describe her as being absolutely priceless through this whole process including and especially the Parental order. I can only stress how important it is to have someone who is as capable as Harjit by your side through this intense journey , she is an absolute must when choosing the surrogacy path.

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy is a beyond daunting process. From the day we met Harjit, we felt so relieved that we could embark on the journey with someone so knowledgable beside us.  Harjit knows the process inside out, made us comfortable at every stage and took the pain away from an already very difficult situation.  She was friendly, pro-active, quick and reliable and gave us complete confidence in her ability.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Harjit to anyone going through surrogacy – a pleasure and a priviledge to have her take our hands and guide us through to finally holding our baby girl, and beyond.

Mr and Mrs R – Surrogacy in Georgia

Looking back now, as we have obtained the PO, it is very obvious to us that it was the right decision to undertake this project with Harjit.  We highly recommend Harjit to couples looking to apply for Parental Order in cases of international surrogacy. From the start, Hartjit was very efficient in conveying information and requirements. All our questions were responded in a very clear, concise, and time-efficient manner.  We usually have many questions which turned different with Harjit so comprehensive were the instructions she gave. It did help that Harjit had pre-existing excellent experience with our surrogacy agency. So, the 3-sided communication was smooth and efficient. Harjit employs a practical approach not complicating things unnecessarily. Her predictions turned out correct which speaks for her solid experience and good judgment.  Last, but not least, the charge for the service was very competitive. Even despite our case being a simple one, we are confident that choosing to use Harjit’s services was a correct decision.

Mr and Mrs SK – Surrogacy in Georgia

My husband and I embarked on surrogacy in Georgia where we had our twins- Boy and girl. From the moment we met Harjit we really felt at ease and knew she was the right person for us to manage our case.  She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very responsive from the beginning till the end of our journey. We had our twins during the pandemic and were unfortunately stranded in Georgia. Harjit was so helpful in guiding us on how to obtain emergency documents to return to the UK, she was always on hand to answer all of our queries. Thank you so much Harjit for all your help and hardwork, it would not have been possible without you.

Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Ukraine

We have found Harjit through internet. We thought the website was very generous and contained a lot of useful and practical material. After the initial call we decided to proceed, having spoken and approached a few surrogacy lawyers in the past. We never personally met with Harjit due to pandemic but have been extremely happy with the seamless service and now have Parental Order for our baby girl. Thank you very much, Harjit! We would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone embarking on the surrogacy journey.

Mr and Mrs H – Surrogacy in Georgia

Harjit helped us with our parental order application following an international surrogacy arrangement and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

She was with us each step of the way, was extremely professional, very helpful and prepared us ahead of the court hearing so we were not daunted by the experience. The parental order submission went through the court with no issues.

Thank You Harjit – we would be totally lost without your advice.

Mr and Mrs Patney Surrogacy in India
We reached out to Ms. Harjit Sarang to seek her help in guiding us through and managing the process of getting the UK Parental Order for our twins, born of surrogacy. Ms. Sarang is a brilliant solicitor who managed the process for us in a clear, transparent and professional manner, which was very important as currently we are non-UK residents and couldn’t travel due to the Pandemic. She helped us navigate through the entire process and took care of the documentation and interactions with UK based cafcass and the Royal Courts of Justice. We are very grateful for Ms. Sarang’s passion, dedication and thorough knowledge of the process which led us to a successful outcome.
Anaita & Sanjay Patney

Drs KPSurrogacy in Cyprus

Harjit was our lawyer during a surrogacy process that was rather unique and complex, not least due to the nature of international surrogacy in the context of a pandemic. Harjit guided us with a steady hand; she made the complicated legal aspects look simple, and she did so with compassion and empathy. We found Harjit to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely responsive; her input was absolutely invaluable, we highly recommend Harjit for anyone about to embark on a surrogacy.

Mr and Mr BW – Surrogacy in Cyprus

We used Harjit’s services throughout our surrogacy journey and we couldn’t be happier with her services. Harjit is very personable and made the legal aspect of our surrogacy an easier process. She was able to keep us calm in times of stress with reassurance and a personable approach. When challenges arose, she was able to overcome them. Without her dedication to our case, we wouldn’t have had the positive outcome which we achieved.

Mr and Mrs G – Surrogacy in Cyprus

We highly recommend Harjit Sarang for your surrogacy case and cannot thank her enough in helping us.
Harjit is knowledgeable, precise and resourceful but most importantly human and extremely supportive.
Like for most surrogacy cases not everything is simple and Harjit was able to help us navigate through these difficulties smoothly.Thank you so much for your invaluable support.

Mr and Mr B – Surrogacy in Cyprus

Harjit helped me and my husband with our twin daughters born in Cyprus in the middle of covid pandemic and lockdown worldwide back in April 2020. She was always there always available and always helpful being not one but three steps ahead giving us reassurance, ideas of dealing with the unexpected and protecting our case until the end including the actual Parental Order hearing. If anyone is in need of solicitor Harjit is THE ONE who can be trusted and who surely will give not 100 but 1000% to each and everyone helping and fighting for and with them to make sure all the legal side is completed safely for all families. We will be forever grateful to Harjit who helped us to be legally a family of four.

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Georgia

My husband and I engaged Harjit in June 2020 when we were starting out surrogacy journey in Georgia. From the beginning Harjit was personable, extremely knowledgable and responsive. Everything in 2021 was just that much harder and there were more questions than usual and she took it in her stride. There’s a lot of complexity involved in the parental order process and we had full trust in Harjit and felt supported and prepared at all times.

Mr and Mrs A – Surrogacy in Georgia

The best solicitor I have ever found.  In the beginning  of our journey  I wasn’t  sure where and how to to start preparing  all our paperwork  and than we found  Harjit Sarang. Harjit is  Amazing such a helpful  and kind person She helped us all the way through and the way she makes you organise all the documents right from the beginning till the end of the journey, its super.  I would highly  recommend  someone  if they want their process to go smooth and stress free. Thank you so  much Harjit for all the help, this would   have not  be possible  with out you.

Will definitely  come back to you again.

Mr and Mrs R – Surrogacy in India

Me and my husband had our baby through surrogacy in India and we engaged Harjit many months before our baby boy’s birth. We were convinced to get our baby’s parental order done with her help as we had a strong recommendation from a friend. when we actually collaborated with her and worked towards preparing everything for one year we found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She understood the sensitivity of the matter very well and provided much required support and confidence. The fact that our court proceedings were very smooth is largely because of her hard work and guidance. We have secured a parental order within 6 months of our child’s birth owing to her brilliant work. We cannot thank her enough for her support.

Mr and Mrs H – Surrogacy in Georgia

I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance and for making the process go to plan without stress, very professional and very much appreciated.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Ukraine

We contacted Harjit to help with a tricky situation.  Harjit helped us organise our evidence properly and put together two statements that the Judge was satisfied with.

Mr and Mrs M – Surrogacy in Georgia

Our twins were born in Georgia.  Everyone seemed to know Harjit so we contacted her.  Our Parental Order was made by remote hearing.  Harjit supported us through covid restrictions and thanks to her organisation, we we were as prepared as we needed to be to get home fast.

Mr and Mrs O – Surrogacy in US

My wife and I reside in London and embarked on a Surrogacy process in Los Angeles for which we are blessed with a set of twin – a boy and a girl. Having researched on the internet, we found a number of Surrogate Solicitors out of which we carefully selected Surrogacy Lawyers. We had spoken to 3 Surrogate Solicitors before speaking to Harjit, however because of Harjit’s great character which was palpable over the phone and the wealth of information she gave us, we immediately decided Harjit would be our Surrogate Lawyer. We are glad we did as it turned out that Harjit is highly skilled, extremely professional and deeply knowledgeable in her role as a Surrogate Lawyer.

Harjit supported us throughout the process with 100% involvement at every stage. She is tremendously professional, highly skilled and compassionate in her role as a Surrogate Lawyer.  Her personal touch was second to none, always responding to us swiftly with so much reassurance and confidence. Her fees are very reasonable and unbelievably affordable considering all the depth of work and support we received from Harjit throughout the process and the quotes from other Surrogate Solicitors.

When my wife and the twins were stranded in Los Angeles due to COVID – 19 lockdown, Harjit went out of her way, effectively took it personal on herself to help us out. We will never forget her excellent commitment to ensure that my wife and the twins returned back to the UK. Harjit, we are extremely grateful to you particularly with the efficiency and speed with which you handled the situation which was excellently executed. Harjit, you are a lawyer who has great compassion with an enormous difference. Thank you.

We cannot thank Harjit enough for all the support she gave us throughout the Surrogacy process including getting a Parental Order. My wife, our 1st set of twins, our 2nd set of twins and I are eternally grateful for your unflinching support and all that you have done to help our amazing dream come true. From the bottom of our hearts, we say a VERY MASSIVE THANK YOU for the vital role you consistently and diligently played towards the success of our application. We now have the Full Parental Order and responsibility for our twin babies. Once again, thank you!

We highly recommend Harjit in Surrogacy Lawyers to all couples willing to embark on Surrogacy process; we are confident that you will have a great experience. 

Mr and Mrs E – Surrogacy in Nigeria

Excellent support.

Mr and Mrs O – Surrogacy in Georgia

Thank you for all of your support and guidance through this process Harjit.

You have made it very simple and painless and indeed the very fact that you were supporting us was noted during the case which was nice recognition for you.

Mr and Mr S – Surrogacy in US

We had our baby boy July 2020. Harjit helped us with everything to obtain our Parental Order successfully. When our Cafcass officer completed our home visit she even made a comment on how efficient Harjit is, even went on to say when the Judge reviews the files there most likely wont be any queries because Harjit ensures everything is covered. Come the day of the court, the Cafcass officer was correct the Judge had absolutely everything and didn’t question anything. IVF & Surrogacy is worrying enough but we didn’t have any worries or stress when it come to our Parental Order which is all thanks to Harjit.
Thank you for everything Harjit, we will forever be grateful. Xx

Mr and Mrs C – Surrogacy in Georgia

We had our baby boy in Georgia and were fortunate to have found Harjit after searching for Surrogacy Lawyers on the internet. Right from the beginning, she was supportive and provided us with an excellent service to getting our Parental Order. She is Highly professional, very kind, considerate, organised and extremely helpful. We could contact her anytime through phone or email and she always responded swiftly to any questions or concerns we had. Harjit guided us through the entire process with her expertise, keeping us informed throughout the process which otherwise seems very daunting. We felt we were in very good hands – she never came across as a solicitor but we feel she is part of our family. Thank you Harjit for your excellent work! We highly recommend Harjit !
Mr. & Mrs C
Mr and Mrs K – Surrogacy in India

Harjit worked with us from Feb 2020 to November 2020 to obtain parental Order for our child. the surrogacy was in India so Harjit helped us from the beginning on documentation, guiding us on what was needed so we had all the paper work  we would need to support our parental order. Harjit kept us informed at all times. Any queries and questions were promptly responded to and she was there for us every step of the way which was a great comfort.I would not hesitate in recommending Harjit. I believe our success for Parental order was due to Harjit s ability and professionalism and experience in knowing what was needed. I am truly grateful for her help.

Mr M – surrogacy in Cyprus
I embarked on a journey to become a single father. After a lot of research I decided to go to Cyprus to take part in a surrogacy arrangement.
I contacted Harjit to act as my lawyer alongside me to obtain a parental order. I cannot thank Harjit enough for all the support she has shown me throughout my journey, every question or advice I needed she gave me constructive and honest answers.
Harjit has been so professional and truthful with me throughout and I’m so thankful to have had her on my team. After just a couple of month I was successful with my application and granted full parental responsibility for my daughter.
Harjit’s fees are very reasonable and completely fair considering all the work and support I have been given throughout.
I would highly recommend Harjit! And I for sure will hopefully be able to continue my dream further and she will be my first point of call.
Thank-you again I am eternally grateful.
Mr and Mrs A – Surrogacy in India
“Harjit helped us secure parental order for our surrogacy in India. Throughout the process Harjit was extremely helpful and clear in explaining expectations from court.

She is very efficient, responds promptly to your queries and exhibits a great amount of knowledge.
Harjit was diligent and the paperwork she produced with our help was thorough and high quality. She gives you a clear picture of everything and her fee is very reasonable. We are very grateful to her for all her guidance and help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go for surrogacy.”

Mr and Mrs X – Surrogacy in Latin America

We engaged Harjit with the parental order process of our children born through surrogacy in Latin America. Even though it was not a popular location for surrogacy for couples in the UK, Harjit was able to secure us the parental order  easily. She guided us through the entire parental order process including collecting the necessary documents, preparing the statements and getting ready for the hearings with the high court. She was diligent and thorough during the entire process and we obtained the parental order without any hiccups. I would highly recommend her services to other couples considering the surrogacy process.
Thank you,

Miss L Surrogacy in the UK

I am writing to recommend Harjit Sarang. She worked with me for my surrogacy project to apply the Parental Order from January to September 2020. As a surrogacy lawyer, Harjit was always reliable and professional. During the period, although with the impact of COVID-19, she effectively summarized and provided the required documents and maintained communication at any time.

Hariit’s service was excellent, with patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate the process clearly. The success of my Parental Order was the result of her professionalism and ability to communicate and work collaboratively, and I am completely satisfied with it.

Mrs T – Surrogacy in Ukraine

My husband and I decided to embark on a Surrogacy Program abroad, having had several failed IVF attempts in the UK. We found Harjit’s name, having researched Surrogate Lawyers on the internet, and got in contact with her.  She was extremely helpful right from the onset and very approachable in her manner.  We were very pleased indeed, when we found out she knew the Surrogacy program we had chosen and the procedure involved and especially the staff incorporated. This instantly put our minds at rest and gave us the confidence to proceed.

Throughout the whole process Harjit was available to guide and support and allay any fears or issues we had at the time. We were able to keep in close contact with each other via email.  She was always on hand to give very efficient replies and clear and concise advice, to support and provide reassurance, every step of the way.  I was also able to text her, if a question came to mind, requiring a quick response, which was very useful indeed.

My husband and I are eternally grateful for all that she has done, to help our amazing dream come true. I have no concerns whatsoever in highly recommending her, to anyone who maybe thinking of going down the surrogacy route, as we did. Harjit is extremely professional and highly skilled and knowledgeable in her role as a Surrogacy Lawyer.  She will most certainly endeavour to do her very best to help you achieve your heart’s desire!

Mr JS – Surrogacy in US

“Replied to my questions promptly. Knowledgeable, organised and efficient. Doesn’t waffle or charge stupid fees like some other surrogacy lawyers. Highly recommended”

Mr and Mr I – Surrogacy in Canada

Harjit helped us with our parental order application following an international surrogacy arrangement. She was there for us each step of the way, responded quickly, managed expectations effectively and drafted a flawless parental order submission that went through smoothly with zero issues.

Bonus points for supporting our immigration lawyer by providing them a letter of support for our Home Office dependent visa application (not Harjit’s legal area but she was kindly able to help!).

Mr LP – Surrogacy in Mexico

Surrogacy in Mexico for me was difficult process.  I am glad I instructed Harjit to take over the legalities.   I have my twins and couldn’t be happier.  Cafcass officer was so kind and already knew Harjit and also spoke highly of her which was reassuring.  Thank you

Mr and Mrs A – Surrogacy in Greece

My wife and I worked with Harjit over the course of a surrogacy birth in Greece. She was enormously helpful at all stages of what was an exhausting and often uncertain process. She was always available for advice when we needed it and quick to respond whenever we contacted her. At a number of critical stages, she provided accurate and helpful guidance. It was not only extremely reassuring at often stressful moments, when we simply didn’t know what to do. More than that, her advice helped us avoid mistakes that could have cost us months of delays, extra costs and strain. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mr T and Mr T – Surrogacy in Canada

Harjit is by far the best surrogacy lawyer.  We had a few quotes by bigger firms to start but a friend recommended we go with Harjit.  To say that she made our lives easy would be an understatement.  I don’t believe we did anything in the process.  She took control of everything including talking to our lawyers and agency in Canada.  She then led the court case talking to cafcass and even the Judge’s assistant to make everything so smooth for us.

Easy!  We will use Harjit again for our second journey.

Mr and Mrs I – Surrogacy in Nigeria

Harjit made what would have otherwise been a daunting process (applying for a parental order in an international surrogacy), appear relatively easy.

Her communication with us was excellent and we found her to be very efficient and organised, keeping us regularly informed throughout the process and providing us with helpful suggestions throughout.

She made sure that we never had anything to worry about by providing very clear information at all points and our parental order application ran very smoothly.

We would happily recommend and use her services in the future should the need arise. Thank you Harjit!

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in Georgia

We had our Daughter through international surrogacy in 2018. Due to this, we needed to obtain a Parental Order. At first the process looked arduous. We looked for a solicitor to help us and chose Harjit as she gave clear advice and was warm when we spoke to her.

Harjit helped us on every step of the way to get the Order and made everything very easy for us. We got the order without any problems.

We’re very grateful to her for her help in securing our rights to our Daughter. It means so much to us and now we have security and peace of mind knowing she is legally ours.

We would definitely recommend Harjit to anyone else in a similar position.

Mr and Mrs B – Surrogacy in Ukraine

Harjit helped with our statement for the Parental Order for our twins, born of a surrogate in Ukraine. Service was helpful, responsive, friendly, and enabled us reduce costs. The judge praised the “commendable transparency” of the work.

I would definitely recommend Surrogacy Lawyers, and would use them again if possible.​

Thank you, Harjit, for providing relief during a stressful time.

Dr and Mrs L – Surrogacy in Georgia

Like heaven’s gift, we are blessed with our twins, and this would not have happened without the continued kind support, enduring patience, relentless moral encouragement and thoughtful meticulous planning of Harjit. We are deeply and sincerely grateful to Harjit.

She will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

With love and warm wishes

R &P, UK

Mr and Mrs I – Surrogacy in Ukraine   

Thank you for great first class legal advice.

Mr and Mrs AA – Surrogacy in Nigeria 

Harjit was working with us from the beginning so we always knew what to do and what documents to get.  We felt much more comfortable on the journey because Harjit was always accessible to help us.  We used a surrogate we found ourselves and Harjit put us in touch with a lawyer in Nigeria she had worked with previously.

Mr and Mr G – Surrogacy in England 

We used Harjit for our legal advice because she was recommended to us and we saw some reviews.  We made the right choice 100%.

Mr and Mrs G-B – Surrogacy in Georgia  

Harjit was recommended to us on an internet forum and then by another couple we met randomly.  Then when we went to Georgia we met another couple who together with the agency also recommended Harjit!  We were in good hands.

Mr and Mrs G – surrogacy in Georgia  

We were delighted with Harjit who represented us throughout the process, from before we signed a contract with an agency in Georgia through to finally receiving the Parenting Orders for our twins. Harjit was knowledgeable, conscientious and supportive throughout, and also – given the standard of the service provided – remarkably good value.

I would unconditionally recommend Harjit to anyone undertaking surrogacy; her calm, humane approach was always very much valued by us, and she was a key part of us now being able to have the family we always dreamed of.

Mr and Mrs L – Surrogacy in Ukraine  

We were given Harjit’s details by another couple using the clinic actually all three couples were using Harjit.  We are so grateful to share our journey with everyone and Harjit was part of the family and helped us all so well and kept costs down for us.  The staff at the clinic know her as did lawyer in Ukraine so everything was easy.  I had little problems with the clinic with language but Harjit sorted it out.  Court was so easy and Judge was very happy with Harjit’s work and two of us had same social worker who also said Harjit was great so we feel that we were given the right person.  she is very easy and on Skype and WhatsApp all the time also never not there.

Surrogacy – Malaysia

My wife and I decided, partway through the surrogacy process, that we needed to switch from a mid level lawyer to a highly experienced partner level lawyer. That is how we came to work with Harjit.

Harjit has a very structured process that guided us through the paperwork, legal steps, and court hearings. The judge was complimentary of the quality of the statements drafted by her.

While we were grateful for the technical and legal expertise she provided, we were particularly grateful for her human and empathetic approach to guiding us through some of the more stressful times in the process, to a happy conclusion.

It is also worth highlighting that for the high quality of advice and support that Harjit provided, her fees were very reasonable.”

S Shankar (London)

30 March 2018

Mr and Mrs B – surrogacy in India

Dear Harjit, Greetings
Both me and my wife are eternally grateful to you for a wonderful result. The parental order has been granted and the Judge commented the statement prepared by your good self as “beautifully done”. I had asked the Judge if she wished to see the other documents and she stated that she had everything she needed with in this statement. We both sincerely thank you for all your time and hard work you personal put into this preparation.
Your sincerely,
Bharat & Nim.

Mr and Mr  – surrogacy in the UK

A serious problem arose in our surrogacy agreement and a friend recommended that we speak with Harjit Sarang to get some legal advice. The legal side of things was only a fraction of the support Harjit offered us. She was always available to listen, advise and offer emotional support. Harjit’s generosity and kindness helped us to proceed in seeking a legal remedy through litigation. She did the majority of the work on our case pro bono and worked tirelessly as she felt very passionately about helping us and as she recognised the crippling legal costs involved. Harjit always remained loyal and true to us throughout her involvement in our case. We feel we gained a dear friend through what has been such a challenging period of our lives. No words can really say what Harjit did for us in representing us as our solicitor. We know she is deeply committed to supporting LGBT families, and along with her vast experience and knowledge of surrogacy case law, she is a leading light in this field. Harjit Sarang really does rank as a very special solicitor indeed.

Mr and Mr R – surrogacy in the UK

“Harjit has been fantastic and supported us all the way through our journey from surrogate to parental orders. This is an emotive and complicated process and we felt supported and well advised through out. We added our own requirements that we didn’t really want to know which of us as a couple was the biological father of which child (we have non identical twins), Harjit was in full support and managed this for us through both the paperwork and the courts. I would have no hesitation to work with Harjit again if we plan to have more children in the future!

Mr and Mr AG – surrogacy in the UK

“ We would like to thank Harjit for her help and support during our Surrogacy Parental Order application. This is the second time we use Surrogacy Lawyers for our Parental Orders. Harjit has always been very proactive throughout the process and so helpful. She made the process look really easy. Even our appointed Parental Officer was very complimentary toward the work done, which made the Court process even easier.
We would like to thank you for helping us to complete our family! Pascal & Stephen.”

Mr and Mrs S – surrogacy in the Ukraine  

Thank you Harjit for an excellent job.

Mr and Mrs K – surrogacy in India

“We had a long fertility journey, and eventually ended up having surrogacy treatment in India. Following the birth of our baby, we hired Surrogacy Lawyers to deal with the UK side of the surrogacy process and parental order.

“Despite the distance (London to India), we found Harjit responsive, helpful and useful, including in liaising with the Indian lawyer and the various parties involved in the UK side.”

Mr and Mrs DA – surrogacy in California (incomplete journey – child born).

We had a terrible time on our surrogacy journey that ended tragically for us but Harjit was so supportive and our rock.  Out of all of the people we had to deal with Harjit was the warmest and kindest and we felt she was on our side.  We couldn’t have got through this without her and whilst we are left with the memory of an experience that has devastated us we feel that we have made a friend.  We will not be repeating our journey but if we were too, we would recommend Harjit to anyone.

Mr and Mrs S – surrogacy in India

Excellent Harjit got us our order at one Hearing in London as we had twins so it was hard for us.  Our cafcass officer was asked to do the report early and she agreed.  Harjit was amazing for us with good result.  We are very happy family now.

Mr and Mrs P – surrogacy in India

We instructed Harjit after having a terrible time at court.  The court lost our papers two times and we wasted two days to court.  Also, the Judge wasn’t very nice to us and would’t listen to what we had.   We did not want to hire a lawyer because of the cost but were put in a position where we needed to.  Harjit offered us a good fixed fee to do our statements and bundle and the Judge was happy.   We recommend her.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Georgia   

Harjit was absolutely fantastic.  Yes we recommend her.  She made it all sound so simple and took stress away from us.  She knew lawyers in Georgia who saved us a lot of money, she helped with our citizenship and passport application free and was on hand to talk to us whenever we needed.  It really felt to us like she was a friend helping out.  Always contactable and approachable.  Harjit is just lovely and fun.  We also met her two gorgeous sons on Skype and they are adorable!  I feel we have made a really dear friend.    Thank you Harjit

Mr and Mrs J – Surrogacy in India

‘Harjit held our hand through the whole process from start to finish. She was always on hand to help us and provide support, assistance and answer our questions. Harjit had a lot of compassion which in turn provided us with moral support as well as legal support. It’s rare to find someone who takes such personal ownership of their clients’ cases whilst having such empathy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harjit.’

Mr and Mrs K – Surrogacy in India

I called Harjit as I needed to put together a parental order court bundle, she responded back to me straight away and was very professional in the way she dealt with me, the process was stress free and the paperwork got done very quickly.  She also gave me good advice as to what I would and would not need which save me money.  I would recommend Harjit.

Mr and Mrs W – Surrogacy in India

Harjeet you have provided us with an excellent service.  The Judge was very happy with our papers, thank you very much from all of us.

Mr and Mr A – surrogacy in the UK

We instructed Harjit for our child born in the UK.  We had a long journey that did not end in a Parental Order because of events that went wrong in the arrangement, but we do have our wonderful daughter and legal responsibility for her.  Harjit stood by us when things went wrong with our surrogate and did our case pro bono. Thank you Harjit.

Mr and Mrs Singh – Surrogacy India

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for everything you have done. We have never felt you were our solicitor, it was more like you were our friend. You guided us through the whole procedure and explained everything to us. I was very proud of you when the case worker said to me that your paperwork was one of the “best” she had come across. Keep up the good work Harjit.

Mr & Mrs R – Surrogacy in India

We were ill-advised to go for handling parental order process on our own without a solicitor. We ended up with a crisis like situation. We then approached Harjit to help us out. Harjit not only quickly rose to the occasion as an expert in these matters but also was very emphatic with us. She quickly resolved the immediate problem giving the necessary clarification to the court. She then went on with our case giving us professional guidance and that much needed assurance all the way till the very end of obtaining a successful parental order decision.  We strongly recommend Harjit for couples who are best advised to go for solicitor in legal matters related to surrogacy”

Mr and Mrs B – surrogacy in India

“Harjeeth we thank you for your great work and getting this Order.  You did us a great job and we knew we were in good hands from the start.”

Mr and Mrs A – surrogacy in India

“Thank you thank you thank you Harjeet!  We were in muddle with the judge after 4 hearing doing it ourself wish we had you from the start.   its is the hardest part and judge madam put us through so much headace. you wonderful and made it all right in one tac.  Thank you for you splindid person.”

Mr and Mr D – Surrogacy in Thailand

Harjit was recommended to us for her expertise in surrogacy matters. We were not disappointed. Harjit is very knowledgeable and was able to produce witness statements very quickly and professionally. We were delighted with the advice and service we received, and we are very happy to recommend her.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in Thailand

We used Harjit Sarang because her price was competitive compared with other surrogacy lawyers and she came across as personable and friendly.

We instructed her to advise us in early 2014 before our twins were due to be born in September that year in Thailand. A few weeks before our babies were due, the Thai Military Government clamped down on surrogacy and changed the law to stop foreigners using Thai Surrogates, this made leaving the country with a twins born in Thailand a delicate matter! Harjit put us in touch with a local surrogacy lawyer who was able to keep us updated on developments in law and immigration policy for free. Harjit also supported us during the three months we spent abroad giving us advise about the UK Passport application process, dealing with the British Embassy in Bangkok, and dealing with Immigration.

We had two hearings at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and Harjit advised us of the court procedures. The final Hearing went smoothly without any questioning as we provided a fully documented pack of information supporting our statement which the judge said was easy to understand, and that was thanks to Harjit.

Harjit Sarang exceeded our expectations and helped us from beginning to end, I have no hesitation in recommending her again. This testimonial is from the parents of twin girls born in Bangkok, September 2014. Parental order granted November 2015.

Mr and Mrs M – Surrogacy in India

All went very well. Her ladyship was very sympathetic to our plight and she has granted a parental order. We are very happy with the outcome and all went smoothly.

I want to say thank you very much for your wonderful service and for having taken us through what seemed a ‘complicated’ process.

Mr and Mrs C – Surrogacy in California

Harjit guided us through our Parental Order proceedings with professionalism, understanding and sensitivity. She prepared and completed all the legal paperwork on time and gave clear and concise instructions prior to our Court Hearing. We obtained our Parental Order thanks to Harjit

Terry & Mandy

September 2015

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in the UK

Harjit was recommended to us by the BSC America, the British Surrogacy Centre, as an experienced solicitor who could help us get our Parental Order. She has been immensely helpful throughout the whole case, available at any time to advise and guide us. We were delighted to be granted our Parental Order without the magistrates having to ask us any questions, because the bundle she had prepared for us was so thorough and gave them all the information they needed. I recommend her to anyone looking for a guide through the murky waters of surrogacy, she is an expert who really listens and has a friendly manner while remaining very professional in her work.

Mr and Mrs Patel – Surrogacy in India


We would first want to start with a big THANK YOU!

Going through surrogacy has been like walking through a maze.  For the past 18 months you have been like a guiding north star for us.

When everything seemed to be falling apart, your guidance and support brought us to a happy beginning of being Parent to our child. You have always accommodated our requests and gave consideration to the complex situations we found ourselves in.

Life will always throw us in difficult situations…..individuals like you make impossible to possible!

We wish you all the best!


Rashmi & Zubin

Mr and Mrs K – Surrogacy in Georgia

Thank you so much for your help on this, it all went so smoothly and we are so grateful for your support throughout the process.

Mr P and Mr A – Surrogacy in Thailand

Thank you so much for your help re surrogacy abroad.

We very often felt out of our depth with this process, but you helped us so much and brought us back on an even keel. The Judge was very complimentary towards your contribution and said that the court papers were put together very well and helped her see clearly what she needed to know. Justice Pauffley was very complimentary to you. It is such a relief to hear that when you are in court and not knowing what to expect. Our days in court were very pleasant – thanks greatly to you.

T and C Smith – Surrogacy in India

We have dealt with so many solicitors and you are defiantly the best ever. You have got the right name Best solicitors because you Harjit Sarang are the best no1 amazing so caring and helpful excellent xx

They just gave us the parental order within 10min of arriving in court. Harjit, Judge Russell praised the statement and the other documents that you sorted also Janet praised you as well so thank u for everything! I didn’t think we would get it this quick you did excellent by us carl thx u the twins thank u and I thank you big time a lot of stress is off our shoulders now we are so happy today it’s been a very good day. You may not have been there physically but you work was noticed thank you again for everything sooo grateful xxxxxxxxxxx

Mr and Mr D – Surrogacy in Poland

Harjit Thank you so much for everything that you have done to help navigate our way through surrogacy in Poland.

We feel so grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there whenever we needed you be it day, night, evenings and weekends.   You answered all of our questions and without you this would have been so much harder.  You are in our lives forever.   God bless you and thank you.  Elliot will always know about you because you are in our journal pretty much every day!  We still haven’t managed to get our photo with you and hope we can arrange that soon.

Mr and Mrs J – Surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang, our lawyer during our process.

She specialises in surrogacy and got me and my 4 kids through the parental order process smoothly.

A wonderful person and a dear friend also she is.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in India

We were recommended Harjit by a friend and have to say what a lady she is.   Always has time for you and replies back so quickly.

Excellent value for money, her fees are really responsible.

Thanks Harjit for all your support, without you we would have been in trouble!

Mr and Mrs A – Surrogacy in California

Harjit thank you for helping us through this process.  We felt out of our depth.  You took it our of our hands and managed everything so well.  We didn’t know where to start!  Thank you from the bottom of our heartsXXX

Mr and Mrs U – Surrogacy in India

This was the first Parental order that we applied for and we were extremely anxious. Harjit Sarang  put us at ease and made the process straightforward and very easy.

She was very reliable and available at all times. Harjit was professional, personable and very good with all the paperwork; even the judge commented on our application being one of the best she had come across.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Harjit.

Shafa and Dulari

Mr and Mrs J – Surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang was very helpful, reliable and provided good value for our money. They really helped us throughout our journey and in obtaining the parental order. I’d recommend her services.

Mr and Mrs P – Surrogacy in India

Harjit Sarang of Best Solicitors LLP excels in her professionalism and efficient manner in which she handled our case throughout our journey through the British Parental Order process.

As well as being friendly and approachable, her support and guidance came with prompt and clear responses which have been invaluable and sincerely appreciated.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harjit Sarang to anyone.

Mr and Mrs Wheeler – Surrogacy in India

I am very delighted to recommend Harjit Sarang, Head of Family at Best Solicitors LLP, for the quality of her legal work in helping my wife and I to successfully obtain the British Parental Order for our son born in surrogacy, in India.  Harjit impressed both myself and the UK Court for her knowledge and thoroughness.  Her Court Bundle was so thorough, accurate and informative that I am sure the Judge’s decision was largely influenced by and based on Harjit’s thorough work.    I have already been blowing your trumpet in India Harjit, keep up the good work!

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler’s Order was granted after just one Hearing that lasted no more than 15 minutes.

Mr and Mrs S – Surrogacy in India

Thank you so much for getting us to this point – as S’s legal parents.  It was such a pleasure to work with you – hopefully we will again soon!

Mr D and Mr Y – Surrogacy in the UK

Harjit Sarang of Best Solicitors LLP has been superb in assisting us in getting the parental order for our twins.  Harjit produced an excellent court bundle for our case and was even praised by the Magistrate in the court for its level of detail and organisation!  Harjit is very approachable, friendly and efficient and kept us informed along the way of any potential matters.  We are more than happy to recommend Harjit Sarang and so glad we picked her to handle our case.

The Miltons – Surrogacy in the UK

We have been extremely satisfied with the professional and faultless service provided by Harjit Sarang and would not hesitate to recommend her to others for legal representation.

Mr A and Mr G – Surrogacy in the UK

We would like to thank Harjit for both her professional and personal support through our parental order application.  The process was made very easy for us and the appointed parental officer even said that she had no questions for us because Harjit just did a perfect job with our application and reports.  in court, it went very easy and a parental order was given at the first hearing.  Thank you Harjit for your help throughout the process, we are very grateful!  Stephen, Pascal and Alexandre.

Mr C and Mr G – Surrogacy in the UK

Thanks for all your help in preparing the case.  We realise your hard work for careful preparation was key in having a very easy Hearing today.

Thank immensely from a very happy family!

Mr and Mrs V Surrogacy in India 

Harjit produced an excellent bundle of documents for our case.  She put together everything that we needed and liaised with our Dr and lawyers in India.  We cannot imagine how we would have got the Parental order without her.

Mr and Mrs T – Surrogacy in India 

What seemed like a daunting process was made so much easier with Harjit as our solicitor. She explained things clearly and made us understand the process. She provides a professional service and would highly recommend her.

Lawrie Jordan, TV Producer – co-parenting agreement

I recently approached Harjit with a draft co-parenting agreement which I wanted her to advise on. Harjit took this on with great enthusiasm and came back with a very informed and encouraging response. She was swift, approachable and in my opinion first class in what is often considered a tricky area of family law.

Mr and Mrs M – Surrogacy in India

“Harjit was our solicitor following surrogacy in India.  Harjit is a very knowledgeable, professional, warm and friendly person who empathised with our situation.  This was very important to us.  Harjit was always approachable and overcame all obstacles to secure our parental order.

We wholeheartedly recommend Harjit!”

Deepesh Mistry – Surrogacy in India 

Harjit was one of the first set of lawyers to work on surrogacy from India to the UK and although the law at the time was not yet clear, she navigated her way through with the best possible outcome. She can count herself somewhat of an expert in the subject area now, having seen the process from start through to finish. I couldn’t speak highly enough of her or her ability.

Mr and Mrs D – Surrogacy in India

“Thanks again for all that you did from way back when we were still in India feeling stranded.  You have been invaluable throughout”

Mr & Mrs B – Surrogacy in the UK 

“We highly recommend Harjit Sarang for all surrogacy cases and cannot thank her enough in helping us to secure our parental order for this!

The parental order process was an extremely daunting one for us, made particularly more complex due to the fact that we reside outside of the UK. However, with Harjit taking control of our case from the start and producing a high quality bundle of documents for the court, her knowledge and experience in this area enabled us to smoothly secure our parental order without any issues at the first directions hearing. This was a great result for us and is down to Harjit’s preparation and hard work.

Thank you very much, Harjit!”

Mr S – children – contact – residence

“My wife took our children to Wales and refused me contact.  Harjit took on the case with a passion and not only secured me contact in a very short period of time but eventually she secured residence of all 4 children with me.   I cannot thank Harjit enough.  Myself, the children and my family are eternally grateful that we had Harjit on our side.”


“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Harjit Sarang to anyone with matrimonial or family issues. Harjit is straight-talking, gives quality, tailored advice and will really fight your corner. Unafraid to take on even the most challenging cases, Harjit is a lawyer of excellent calibre.”